Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Seminar Review - ArgumentsFor and Against Planning

Arguments for and Against Planning

Presenting this presentation was a bit daunting as I had been at Uni for less than 3 weeks and a 40 min presentation seemed long. The topic Arguments for and against planning was a good topic with a lot of material on it, it’s also very fundamental for the unit as is establishes the importance of planning.


I think myself and James covered all the relevant content. The most important of which was the reading for the week "Arguments For and Against Planning" by Richard E. Klosterman which James and I covered in immense detail. With only limited time to prepare James and I thought that to include all the content needed we should split it up and investigate our own parts although we did continually help each other out. So it split we James took the Pluralist and Traditional Arguments and I took the Economic and Marxist Arguments along with the Introduction and James got the conclusion. Due to the limited information on two arguments we also decided he should speak about the other arguments for and against planning we both find.

Throughout the introduction I just wanted to outline what myself and James where going to speak about and the format that the seminar was going to take.

Economic Argument + Marxist Argument

Had a lot of information in the reading for the week and a lot of content for me to cover in the seminar. So I started it off by outlining the history of the economic argument I then split it in to for Parts like in the reading. At the end of this section I asked the class questions to try and get them involved then outlined arguments for and against planning outlined in this section: Economic argument then critically analysed it. The Marxist Argument took a very similar form except it did not split into four parts.

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