Friday, 23 August 2013

Planning for the Future - NBN - Fibre vs Wireless

There is no doubt that when planning we have to consider economics. more specifically what can we plan to improve a development economically. The NBN is a nation building planning exercise in Australia to put fibre-optic wire in the ground to improve internet speeds which will ultimately result in benefits for business, communication, information and socially for people. The debate has been raised of fibre-optic vs wireless which one is better? there are no doubts fibre-optic cable is faster and more efficient but wireless is the future of technology. so lets check out the facts;

Speeds -
wireless: per cell wireless 4G net work can deliver 1Gbps
Fibre-optic cable: per strand currently delivers 69000 Gbps or 69Tbps

So looking at this although Wireless is cheaper and is improving, it's not improving anywhere near the speeds of fibre-optic cable and economically fibre-optic cable would make businesses much more competitive and improve your economic performance.

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